As we pushed our boys on the swings at the park, another mom and I casually exchanged our 五福彩票6688下载-disinfecting strategies. We both recently discovered Clorox wipes, did a super wash of all our big blankets and comforters and are taking hand-washing to whole a new level.

Moms, along with basically everyone else in the world, are going a little mad these past few weeks due to the risks of the new coronavirus. Of course, it doesn't help that I have CNN constantly playing on my computer, because each breaking news announcement makes me more fearful.

My son has also been sick for days with a terrible cough, sometimes to the point where he can't sleep or breathe well. "Are we sure he doesn't have coronavirus?" I ask his pediatrician. She reassures me that he just has a virus and then begins typing some notes — which I imagine reads something like, "Mom is overbearing and paranoid."

Am I being dramatic? As of March 5, our school district of Hasting on Hudson in New York was the only one to shut down our schools for a couple days because a student's parent was diagnosed with a confirmed case of the new coronavirus. The parent had to self-quarantine. Plus, an assistant teacher at my son's preschool was asked not to come back to work for 10 days because she was at a school where a person who tested positive had visited.

Although, it seems like everyday more and more schools are deciding to close, and companies are asking employees to either not come into the office or work from 五福彩票6688下载.

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